'Sati' - (Mindfulness) Part Three: Words of Light and Love
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Dorothy Ratusny
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In Buddhism, Sati (from Pali: सति; from Sanskrit: स्मृति smṛti) is mindfulness or awareness. It is this spiritual or psychological faculty of indriya meaning: physical strength or ability of the senses, that forms an essential part of Buddhist practice. Sati is the path and the destination of awareness and of 'remembering'; as in to remember presence and attention.  In this final Part Three of 'Sati' - Mindfulness meditation, we begin with softening into our breath; to notice, and to hold observation.  Mindfulness is a practice of pure observation in the absence of judgment. From here, consider what words of light and love you may say to yourself with every in-breath and out-breath.  Continue to be watchful of all that you notice; to bring mindful attention to the words spoken inside your mind or perhaps aloud and to hold presence of this experience.  This is your state of pure awareness.  This is your path now to this moment and the next.  So well done! 💜 Much love!  Namaste!
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