A Time of Rebirth and Awakening; of Love of Humanity and the Earth
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Life Coaching
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Dorothy Ratusny
Life Coaching Wisdom
As we are in a time in which the world is continuing to pause; to take a step or two back to hold our breath as we anticipate the future, this is a perfect time to consider that we are living in a time of spiritual awakening. For this we must look within for our 'right' knowing; to remember how our individual actions affect each another and the planet; and to honour and respect all living beings as we live in peace. This episode of Life Coaching WISDOM offers a guided journey; one that invites you to open your mind and heart; to witness your inner wisdom and to ask the questions of yourself; of how you may 'rebirth' into this new life we are being called to live. As you listen, you may wish to record some notes as you answer the questions, and as you witness the presence of your highest self in communication with you. Namaste! xo
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