Are You Having a Radical Change Moment?
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Dorothy Ratusny
Life Coaching Wisdom
Are there things you've been contemplating action on that are long overdue? Has life recently felt like a series of repeated efforts? of repetitive experience burdened in responsibility, commitment, out of requirement, cause, or loyalty? Has life become a series of "tasks" that no longer feel meaningful? Have you lost touch with what brings you happiness, what you can look forward to...what matters most? A radical change begins with an inner awakening - an inward focus - that helps you to reflect and then decide what your true needs are.  It is then up to you to determine whether you will honour and satisfy these needs - or simply "hope" that everything "will take care of itself" - all by itself. Please enjoy and be inspired by how you may thrive on change, and then choose it - be in control of it! Namaste!  xo dorothy
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