Becoming a More Confident 'You'
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Life Coaching
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Dorothy Ratusny
Life Coaching Wisdom
If you ever wanted to feel more self-confident and deserving of your successes and to own what I call your 'greatness', then this episode is going to be the strategy that you need.  If you want to feel the confidence of knowing that your decisions are the right and best ones for you; and to have greater confidence in all that you do, then the 3 most effective practices that I am about to share, are going to make it easy for you build greater confidence and to live empowered because of what you think and believe about yourself. In this episode we dive into what makes a person confident, and how you can grow your confidence to extreme levels by choice; because confidence grows with your affirmative words of yourself.  Changing the inner landscape of your thoughts to empower rather than diminish your abilities, grows confidence exponentially. Please share any questions or feedback on this topic with me.  Please never stop challenging yourself to grow and in using positive and encouraging words to support and uplift you as you become more self-confident!  Namaste!! xo
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