Finding Your Path
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Dorothy Ratusny
Life Coaching Wisdom
Finding your path is a celebration of finding your story. Your story is the most exquisite, remarkable adventure; it is a gift that you live each day - unwavering in your desire for all of the most beautiful and incredible experiences to easily fill your heart; to allow you to feel ultimate freedom - and to know that it is with this greatness - this love - this attention to detail - to right action - to goodness - that it all carries so much love, certainty, joy, integrity, hope - and bountiful understanding that comes with looking inward; venturing towards the comfort of this inner knowing; this sacred space; the infinite journey of expression and truth that is of this harmony - this adventure - this life. MUSIC: Helios, 'Carry With Us' Words to inspire you in this moment and to help you reconnect with your sacred path.  I hope you enjoy this very special life coaching episode!   with gratitude and love,  dorothy
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