Mindful Affirmations for Job & Career
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Nitima Priya
Reduce stress & Anxiety and Sleep Well
With mindful affirmations for job & career allows you to be in positive mind frame when looking for new jobs and setting new career. Let go of fears and negative thinking patterns and believe in yourself and the universe that things will fall in place. Begin to vibrate in positive thoughts in mindful way
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8 reflections
Good timing
Had an interview today and was told I am in the running and should know tomorrow or Monday. This meditation tonight helped me to relax and focus on sending good vibes.
OMG-Work is a problem
As I went through this medication, when it started talking about trust and confidence in my employer, I completely lost focus on meditating. My eyes shot open and my stress levels jumped up.
Knowing that I belong
Through meditation, concentrating on my breathing and mindfulness, I’m going to be more open and receptive to discovering my fulfilling career. My ideal job will utilize my talents and strengths. Very helpful life-coaching.
The universe will put me in the right place
I’ve made my affirmation I trust that he universe and asked to be placed in work and trust myself and the universe to deliver
I’m where I need to be
I’m where I need to be. I trust in that because that is where I am now. I am trusting the process.
Love, success and happiness
I feel that I am exactly where I need to be, and all the love, acceptance, acknowledgement and celebration of my skills and talents will happen, and will enrich the lives of people around me, as well as my own. I deserve to make good money, doing what I am inspired to do, and what makes me happy.
Trust the universe
Trust the universe to be more positive. Affirmations around jobs. This was helpful for the circumstances.
Trust the universe
Trust the universe for positive change. Affirmations around jobs are especially helpful during these circumstances.