Mindfulness for Relaxation (Short Version)
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Glenn Harrold
Diviniti Meditation & Hypnotherapy
This 10-minute meditation has been designed to help you relax and create inner peace.  Glenn will encourage you to stay with his voice as he guides you into a deeply relaxed state. You will be asked to focus your attention on each area of your body, noticing any feelings or sensations as they come into being. You will also learn how to use your breathing to anchor yourself in the present moment, whenever you need it. As you learn to switch from 'doing' mode to 'being' mode you can begin to observe any sensations or thoughts, without judgement, and accept them with loving kindness. With this acceptance you can start to experience your life in a completely new way, with a sense of gratitude and happiness. Glenn's acclaimed meditation techniques combine with deeply relaxing music by Russ Davey to create a powerful session that will help you make lasting and meaningful changes to your life. Russ's music blends dreamy piano and guitar sounds with calming atmospheric soundscapes, heavenly choirs and chimes. This meditation has an awake ending and will gently bring you back to full waking consciousness at the end, making it ideal for daytime use.
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