Mindfulness of the Hand Exercise
13 Min
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William James Davies, DCMT
Mind Matters
This exercise provides a way to experientially engage with mindfulness outside of formal meditation practices, and helps us to cultivate a new way of relating to our experience, by bringing ‘beginner’s mind’ to the way we’re paying attention: Seeing things as if for the first time. This is an alternative to the well-known ‘Raisin Exercise’, and shows how we can bring a mindful attitude towards any object or experience. At the end of the exercise there’s an invitation to bring mindfulness to a routine daily activity. This is a wonderful way to begin extending mindfulness right into your day-to-day life; switching off the autopilot and really being present, moment-by-moment, throughout the routine activity, whilst bringing that quality of ‘beginner’s mind’ to the way you’re paying attention.
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