No One Can Hurt You Unless You Allow It
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Dorothy Ratusny
Life Coaching Wisdom
When we hurt it is because we have allowed someone to affect us negatively; to cause us harm, to feel doubt, fear, insecurity, or discouragement, when really - each time that we experience someone's negativity (their harsh words, their criticism, their anger, their fear, their insecurities, their pain, their lack of knowledge) - they are simply showing us their reaction, their choice, their feelings and thoughts in that particular moment. Your decision must be to step back, to step away from taking on whatever hurts may be directly or indirectly pointed at you.  You may choose to offer a kind word and lend your ear - and then to return to your inner knowing; to knowing that you are remarkable, you are perfect as you are - you are a work in progress as you choose it.  You are the loving inner being and the kindness that flows from this. I hope this episode of Life Coaching WISDOM helps you feel empowered to no longer allow yourself to remain stuck in being hurt.  Namaste! in gratitude and peace, dorothy xo
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