The Chain of Kindness
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Jiva Masheder
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We often don't know what effects our actions have in the world, but so often they do come back to us, often in surprising ways!
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Loved this story tonight! Paying it forward is one of my favorite concepts in the world! I have friends who routinely do the “Starbucks Chain”, paying for the order just behind them just for the joy passing it along can bring.
Be gentle with others in our thoughts and show kindness to others through our actions. It is our soul’s duty to help others and we must not ignore this duty. It benefits all and leads to a chain effect of kindness to others that could be unending....if only we would allow it to continue through our own interactions. 🙏🏻
Walter J
What a great story! I have always believed in Karma and what goes round comes around. So I like to wish people well, do good deeds like Bryan & generally exude Love, Peace & Happiness. My thought from this is: When we incur debt we are actually paying it back after the event, with interest, so we pay back more than we borrowed. So when we pay it forward, beforehand, do we get interest on it and actually create more good that what we intended? I certainly like to think so!! ❤️☮️🍀
This story teaches us that when we do good things for others, good things will come back to us. It’s the same for if you do bad things, bad things will come your way
Brian is a savage he got her preggo and makes her work and the old lady? She’s rich af she was like “thug life I’m too Boujee for y’all”
I felt so touch that I teared up. It left me feeling grateful.
i learned that awhile back and it reminded me of the full circle of life lessons!!
Pay It Forward
This was such a wonderful feel good story of how one act of kindness can really change a persons day.
Pay It Forward
What a lovely story that Jiva narrates! In this story, Brian began the chain of kindness and it was paid forward to him in the end. The saying ‘What comes around, goes around’ is so true! While listening to this story, I was reminded of another chain of kindness I had heard earlier. A woman was in line waiting to pay for her groceries and saw a veteran in front of her. She always had a soft spot in her heart for veterans so she decided to pay for his groceries. The bill came to over $500 and she really didn’t know how she could afford this, but she did anyways. Her boss had heard what she had done for the veteran and was so delighted that he reimbursed her the monies to the veteran and gave her an extra week of vacation along with hotel accommodations! Hearing these stories really warm my heart! 🥰❤️🥰
So true!
I love this! Such a true story and certainly can be applied to anyone in any situation.
This really touched me. The simple act of kindness and passing it on. A good reminder for everyone as our day goes.
chain of kindness
kindness and generosity without expectation is not easy. I'm trying to believe that the universe does not leave you alone when sometimes I might need the same thing.
Simple Act of Kindness
At the beginning of listening, Jiva’s words started to become familiar to me, but I continued to listen because it is such a beautiful story! When someone does something kind to us, we are more inclined to being kind to others. We never know what others have going on in their lives. Therefore, taking the time to open doors, saying hello with a smile or being of assistance in some fashion can make all the difference in someone’s day. In a nutshell, the Law of Reciprocity states, what we send out to the Universe, the Universe provides for us! It is important to note that the kindness we give out will not be reciprocated back to us by the same person. But, in due time, the Universe will provide us with some sort of good fortune, whatever that may be in the form of, for sending out kindness and positive vibes to others! By adopting a mindset of positivity, peace, joy and hope to others, we are opening ourselves up to immense opportunities into our lives. This mindset not only feels great in our soul, we are actually actively making the world a better place! The simple act of kindness can and does change lives! And the best part is that being kind doesn’t cost us a thing! This story is absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend everyone give it a listen! Wishing everyone a bright and beautiful day! ❤️☮️🙏🏻😊
Walter J
Acts of kindness never go unrewarded! Awesome story!! ❤️👍🏼🍀
Kindness isMagic
I learned so much from this passage. I know it as passing it forward. I was really sick, living on the street in Delaware. The care that our Police officers had given me. Knowing I have given money to other homeless people. They fed me,checked on me living in park. Although everyone of our cops were always there if I needed anything. There were two young men that chewed me up and at times spit me out. They once told me I reminded them of their mothers. Mark our words you will have a roof over your head. That an Angel will look out for you. My Angel,Sheila. Been safe now four years! Thank You Father, Chad, and Anthony!
Paying It Forward
Random acts of kindness can change someone’s world for the better. It can really make someone’s day. Beautiful story!
Blessing others and others blessing you. Acts of kindness to paying it forward is what we should do daily only because we’ve all been on opposing sides.
Paying it forward
This is the kind of world I want to live in. Full of empathy and kindness. A great reminder that we all have a role to play in making that world a reality.
This is the kind of world we need, the kind I want to live in and pass on favors to each other full of love and kindness.
We need this let out the goodness in ourselves more. It never hurts to be good.
We, at times, forget how it feels to do some goodness upon others. The goodness does keep on giving. Let's cherish one another. Life is precious.
Change Someone’s Life
You never know how the kindness you give can change someone’s life - it only takes a moment. Beautiful story!
The Chain of Kindness
It costs us nothing to be kind but maybe a little time... So often that kindness comes to repay us. But even if it doesn't, be kind anyway
Wat a beautiful story.
I absolutely loved this story,it really touched me. Thanku How very well written,I'm quiet impressed ♥️💯
Acts of Kindness
I learned that giving an act of kindness to someone in need will give back to you in the long run.
Chain of kindness
Always pass it on, try to do something for someone everyday. Even if it’s just a little something.
Comment in a moment in this chain of kindness. I’m also a huge fan of paying it forward and helping people achieve their goals
Master Adam
The chain if kindness
One small act can change everything. I was a server for years, it can be stressful and physically challenging. However it is times like these that make all the hard work and aggravation more bearable.
Night 1
Kindness goes a long way...and full circle. It's important to always be kind and caring. You never know who it will impact.
Kindness is Magic
I love this story. I like that the characters don’t hesitate to be kind.
A thought....
I learned that there are no chances. All is God's divine plan. We all cross each other's paths for a reason. God is good all the time.
One of those moments when you remember that the world is full of psiitive energy, despite the negativity that seems to be plaguing us right now.