The Miracle of Inspiration + Guided Meditation
3 Min
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Dorothy Ratusny
Being LOVE
Inspiration is what you feel through your senses; through taking in the beauty of life that you are willing to notice; and by allowing your heart open in delight, in wonder, in the deliberate choosing of your soul to be stirred; to cultivate presence, and to flow with the deliberate joy that you are witness to. In this meditation on inspiration; the sixth and final of this Meditation Series, we delve into one of the most pleasant human experiences.  Together with the previous week's episodes of hope, forgiveness, compassion, self-love, and peace,    inspiration illuminates the path for living from you heart; from living fluid; mind and heart aligned toward the sacred action that will manifest into form; birthing inspired thought paradigms into what creative pursuits become the beauty and inspirations of your life. Please enjoy this talk and meditation and have a look for the others in this very special series.  Namaste!
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