There Will Always Be Something... (Yet This Is the 'Something' That You Must Do Each Day)
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Dorothy Ratusny
Life Coaching Wisdom
The greatest moments are those in which you can be present as you are doing whatever you love; as you are in the presence of this - and attentive to how it feels to be so privileged, so blessed - that you are nowhere but right here - in this moment; in the enjoyment of this moment - in the experience of what you love most - of what is so blissful.   The secret is to find many of these blissful moments; spontaneously as you become aware of them - as they penetrate your being; as they offer insight and wisdom and glory.   It is these moments that you are fully present in - that serve you; that excite you; that inspire you with beautiful wisdom and glory that you hold as moments of greatness; of pleasure, of joy - moments that remind you of your ability to be present with all that is - as it is. MUSIC: Relax Daily 'light ambient music'
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