This Is a Self-Love Movement
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Dorothy Ratusny
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In this episode, I've been inspired to share what I am naming The Self-Love Movement; because we all need to reclaim self-love; we need to understand what it means and we need to live it - as one solution for growing our confidence and self-worth and for being willing to live self-sustainably and of our ‘truth’; and in the present moment because this is how we witness our innate happiness. Join me in this episode as I walk you through a beautiful experience of accessing this state of awareness; a state of love that will empower you to live true to yourself, and mobilize you to have the best outcomes because you are in the right mindset; you are happy, peaceful, content and grateful.  This is a practice of being loving, directed towards yourself.  Namaste!!  xo dorothy
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Self Love PT.2
Self love is a life skill that we may teach to our children by modeling this ourselves. Self love is a state of consciousness. We choose to live by our heart not the ego. You can choose to be love. If you choose to be loving and practice self love you will instinctively go in search of what will allow you to be this. Dorothy leads you through a beautiful guided meditation that will help you to access opening your heart. She recommends starting every day with this meditation which should be available on her website. Any feelings you wish to hold is your choice. When you make a choice to live a certain way, you mobilize your thoughts and actions towards this. You find yourself more aligned with what you have chosen. A couple of questions to reflect on: How can I be more self loving? How can I choose to be in a state of happiness?
Energy of Love
The practice of self-love begins with an awareness of what we tell ourselves each day. With awareness, choices can be made. With choices, adjustments can be made. We do the inner workings of this life skill so we may be free from the chains of the past, to practice acceptance of ‘what is’ in the present and so we may choose how we will be Now and in our future. To begin to plant the seeds of goodness of living heaven on earth, we must wake each day with a grateful heart so we come from a place of abundance rather than from a place of lack. Raising our consciousness from a place of abundance, we naturally choose to be happy and open our heart to others and ourselves. By choosing to be happy and live with an open heart, we soon find ourselves living as the energy of love and choosing to live out the wisdom of our heart rather than our ego. Living as the energy of love, we have a reverence for all of life. Having a reverence for all of life, we naturally live in such a way as to minimize harm to ourselves and others. There is a daily practice we can do that will bring us to a state of awareness. Following Dorothy’s lead, I allowed the wisdom within answer two questions. Coming from a state of peace, I began to visualize the most beautiful shade of blue illuminating from my heart. Soon this light opened my heart and engulfed my entire body. Becoming this amazing light, I felt happiness fill every inch of me. Being this energy of love, I am able to give myself and others love and light. If I had my wish, I would have everyone to listen to this incredible life coaching wisdom session and more importantly, implement the practices that Dorothy speaks about. Yes, it is that imperative for you to embrace and become this energy of love. Yes, it is that imperative for the B.O.M., (Betterment of Mankind)! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
What I want
Keeping the focus on what I want and being confident that I will get it, is essential to unfold my purpose in life and, by extension, bring more harmony in the universe. Positive language is also very important to unfold my true potential. In fact, my thoughts become my words, my words become my actions, and my actions determine my future. Namaste
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