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Dorothy Ratusny
Life Coaching Wisdom
being love is a choice.  it is both a deliberate practice and your natural state (of being). "being love" can best be described as being kind, compassionate, truthful, caring, accepting, inclusive, honourable, and possibly any other adjective that accurately describes what we might characterize as traits and behaviours that reflect our innate goodness. In this life coaching episode, join me for a reflective and inspirational look at what it means to be love.  namaste xo I invite you to experience the first three sacred lessons of my online course, being love as my gift.  It will give you the necessary ideas and help to begin a journey of what it means to be loving towards yourself and others, to practice self care, and to be kindness and love outwardly even when you may not feel positive or happy.  You will learn how to return to a state of divine spiritual love that originates from within, so that you can be this in your life - and in ways that will foster loving relationships with others.  Sign up at: the school of wisdom https://www.dorothyratusny.theschoolofwisdom
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