When Love Has Been Abusive: How to Reclaim True Love (14:20 Min)
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Dorothy Ratusny
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For you to find great love in this life is your destiny. Your heart has been yearning for this... A spoken 'inspired' message to remind you of how the love you had (or may still have) is not real love if it comes with abusive words or actions.  And how to reclaim the real love that you are so deserving of.  Believe in this. When you ask for what you truly want and then as you are willing to receive it (even with caution) - you are reminded of the great power of receiving everything that you most desire - and with this - new love.
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True wisdom
So enlightening and inspiring! I will listen to it over and over again!
I need to stop allowing things I don’t want. I need to put my heart first
I attract what I don't want. I think I can fix everyone. What I really need to do is pay attention to my needs so I can change to attract what I really want.
I feel when honest about relationship insecurities, I seen where it is used against me in a negative way!
I connected with the description of abuse from someone whom you truly loved that ended up hurting me. I’ll always love him. I’m hopeful for change. He was unstable, but I hope he can gain the stability we all need and the help he needs to be mentally able to be healthy and functional. Abuse is not my destiny. I did not deserve it. My empathy is so magnetic, those who feel they are unlovable and need “fixed”, are drawn to me. As I am drawn to them, seeing only good, in hopes to help them fix themselves
I believed that he was the most amazing person for me...I believed it so badly that I neglected to believe in who I was. I lost all self respect and worth all because I believed him. Mistruths, manipulations and negativity. I believed it all. The saddest part is that I lost my own trust...in myself. Healing to rebuild that belief that I am enough. Just as I am. For me. Thankyou Dorothy. You always give me hope💝
I need this
There is a way to put into words how I’m feeling, and this explains it perfectly. But man it hurts.
Unconditional Love
This perfectly described my previous marriage and my new relationship. Just the affirmation I needed to start my day!
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