The Lake Meditation
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William James Davies, DCMT
Mind Matters
Intended to help us to embody mindfulness and deepen our practice, this Lake meditation differs from the majority of Mindfulness Meditations by using guided imagery: Rather than paying attention to our experience in the present moment, we imagine a scene that in some way expresses the nature of mindfulness, and then nurture these qualities within ourselves. During the practice we intend to embody the lake-like qualities of mindfulness, and it can be helpful to lie down in a comfortable position for the duration of the meditation, as this posture better reflects the form of the lake. This meditation can be deeply calming and relaxing, so keep in mind the intention is to embody mindfulness, and to deepen our meditation practice, and so if relaxation and calmness occur, let them be a pleasant bonus, rather than a state we’re striving to achieve. 
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